Hum is a color-based music/audio mixer.

There are three audio files: one for red, one for green and one for blue.

When you play the audio, the levels of the three audio tracks will change based on the amounts of red, green and blue (respectively) in the central canvas (note: on a computer screen, all images are made-up of red, green and blue; red and green combined make yellow, green and blue combined make cyan, and red and blue combined make violet; all three combined make white).

Click the file buttons to load your own audio files (MP3 or WAV) and/or background image (JPG or PNG). Or, just use the preloaded samples.

Add color by selecting from the palette and then 'painting' on the canvas.

The audio will stop at the end of the shortest of the three tracks.

Hover over the buttons/icons for hints.

Hum was made by Michael Newton in May, 2017.
Learn more about me here: portfolio | github | linkedin

Jazz sample: Jessica Childress. Choir sample: Don Camillo Choir. Loading animation: Aurer.

a project by Michael Newton, May 2017
portfolio | github